66.000 kilometros de ciclorutaspor Europa propuestas por la Federación Europea de ciclistas, de los cuales más de 20.000 kilómetros ya están operativos. His achievement puts almost all other […]. Ruta Eurovelo 1. Whether you’re looking for a challenge or a leisurely cycle ride, La Velodyssée has something for everyone. Este blog espero que sea la antesala de una página que pueda ser de utilidad para todos aquellos que quieran hacer la etapa española de la red EuroVelo.. Por España pasan tres rutas de EuroVelo, la EV1 llamada de la Costa Atlántica, la EV8 La ruta del Mediterraneo y la Consejería de Fomento y Vivienda. eurovelo@fiab-onlus.it +39 2 84073149 EuroVelo 1 o Ruta de la Costa Atlántica de Noruega a Portugal (9.100 km). Repartit 16 dies pedalant +1 dia de repòs. La Vélodyssée is EuroVelo 1 in France. The food – French food is great, it’s a fact. From there you could cycle on along the north coast of Spain to Santander to get a return ferry to Plymouth. This means that it is fairly easy to follow. Eurovelo 1 (La Velodysse) (17) Eurovelo 6 (parte francesa) (17) Multimedia (6) Países Bajos (3) Periplo Mediterráneo (65) Rumbo Este (47) Ruta del Danubio (17) Vía Verde del Plazaola (1) Vía Verde Xixarra, Serpis… (Yecla-Valencia) (4) Via Verde Ojos Negros I y II (4) Sigue el blog por Email I do prefer cooler weather for cycling, but I’d like to be able to camp at least some of the time without freezing/soaking. Warm, friendly and welcoming. At most times there are maps showing the route you are taking, what is ahead and signposts listing the distances to destinations. The sea is never very far away as you discover the best each region … En España, la ruta EuroVelo 1 (EV1) discurre de norte a sur, desde Irún hasta Ayamonte, en la frontera con Portugal. Rodadas está en la red desde mayo de 2005. Como puedes ver, la Velodyssee coincide con la parte francesa de la Eurovelo 1: La ruta atlántica. Revista AireLibre Compromiso Turismo Sostenible 2018 EuroVelo. It focuses upon the background to the journey and cycling day one from my home in […], In January 2010, Dr. Stephen Fabes set off on a bicycle tour around the World. EuroVelo Federación Ciclista Europea Conbici. Aún hay muchísimos tramos que no están señalizados y otros en los que no está totalmente definido exactamente por donde irá la ruta, por lo tanto todavía no existen los tracks completos de todas las Eurovelos. Blog; Seleccionar página. 1. Consejos de Viaje. At this point I picked up Eurovelo 1, snappily titled ‘velodyssey’. National EuroVelo Coordinator The Italian National EuroVelo Coordinator's website provides plenty of information about cycling in Italy. La Ruta de la Costa Altántica. It also helps for cycle touring that for most of the stretch of coast along which I rode the terrain is also fairly flat until you reach Bayonne in the south. 4. Further information on cycle tourism is provided on their 'Bicitalia' website. You may need to consider booking in advance though during peak season. In this second instalment, he highlights EuroVelo 19 – Meuse Cycling Route as an example of good practice of the backbone approach by sharing his personal tips for cycling the route. A no ser que se indique lo contrario, los contenidos están bajo licencia de Creative Commons. The cycle route/path – Eurovelo 1 is well signposted once you reach the coast and often consists of cycle paths which are separated from the road. EuroVelo 1 es una ruta de unos 11.150 km que comienza en Noruega, atraviesa Reino Unido, Irlanda, Francia, España y concluye en Portugal. EuroVelo 1 España. Xagopa . Resum. Here are five reasons why: 1. Most of the towns through which you pass also have beautiful historic parts e.g. ===== => Más cicloturismo en mi Blog Dando una Vuelta <;= ===== Trozo de EuroVelo 1 y La Velodyssee entre Nantes y Burdeos por la costa atlántica francesa, realizada a mediados de mayo del 2016. La part francesa del EuroVelo 1 de Cicloturismo en Roscoff, Bretagne (France). EuroVelo Network FPCUB – Federação Portuguesa de Cicloturismo e Utilizadores de Bicicleta Rua Bernardo Lima 35, 2º B1150-075 LisboaTel: +351 213 159 648 / +351 912 504 851Email: eurovelo@fpcub.pt La Rochelle with its twin towers guarding the harbour and network of small streets in the old town. Aquest recorregut va des d'Irun ( Guipuzcoa) fins a Ayamonte (Huelva). The cycle route then continues south along the west coast until Irun just over the Spanish border from where it continues south across the Spanish peninsula. Pásate por nuestras páginas para más información sobre cicloturismo: ️ Blog: conalforjas.com ️ Facebook: Con Alforjas ️ Seguimos nuestras rutas con este GPS. Ben has his own website – punkrockbikeclub.com – and is on Twitter @ctznsmith. Duzer TV is a YouTube channel run by 40-something American adventure cyclist Ryan Van Duzer based in Boulder, Colorado on the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains of the USA. EuroVelo 1 Espanya. Hola a los que estáis ahí, si es que hay alguien ahora mismo claro. 1/15 de Cicloturismo en Skarsvåg, Finnmark Fylke (Norge). At most times there are maps showing the route you are taking, what is … Con sus 1.200 km, es el recorrido cicloturista más largo del país. Ruta Eurovelo 1 Portugal. His videos recount his adventures going back over 10 years in the Americas and beyond. On some stretches of the journey the road was literally lined with shops selling these gastronomic delights. Mis fechas preferidas serían aquellas que coincidieran con el buen tiempo de la región a visitar. Consejos Ciculación. Todo un lujo para cualquier cicloturista. Het plannen van succesvolle fietsroutes: EuroVelo 19 als casestudy - Deel 1. Tarnos Playa – Bayona (intentando no perderse), EuroVelo (en concreto las españolas 1 y 8). 3. Como la mayoría de los sitios web en internet, usamos cookies para medir el uso que haces de la página, mostrar anuncios y también para que puedas usar algunos servicios (puedes, Rodadas. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Spain to Norway on a Bike Called Reggie (2017), Along The Med on a Bike Called Reggie (2014), Along The Med On A Bike Called Reggie: Mont Ventoux, Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie (2011), Attraverso L’Europa Su Una Bici Di Nome Reggie (2016), Signed copies from just £15 incl. Mis fechas preferidas serían aquellas que coincidieran con el buen tiempo de la región a visitar. Saludos cordiales. Si una vez llegados a Ayamonte, final de la etapa española de la Eurovelo 1, queremos continuar hacia Portugal, no encontramos información útil en la página oficial de Eurovelo, al igual que pasa con España. Vaig fer-ho entre el 14 i el 30 de març de 2017. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Whilst riding the cycle route I realised that it was almost perfect for someone embarking on their first cycle tour. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The separate cycle paths would be a good option for those cycling with children. There are new towns and developments as well as you would expect in an area known for tourism but even some of these are pleasing to the eye such as the modern promenade at Soulac-sur-mer. There are opportunities to just ride a section which could easily be reached by train. Descarga el track GPS y sigue el recorrido del itinerario del sendero desde un mapa. Centro de Coordinación. Ruta La Vélodyssée. Atraviesa las regiones de Bretaña, País del Loira y Aquitania, uniendo la ciudad de Roscoff con Hendaya. This means that it is fairly easy to follow. However again during the peak holiday season I think wild camping would require being a bit more sneaky than I was due to the increased number of people in the area. Even in winter I had the joy of watching the sun set over the ocean as the waves crashed against the shore. The Camino de Santiago or the ‘Way of Saint James’ is a network of trails traditionally followed by pilgrims on their way to the shrine of the apostle Saint James, in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, north western Spain. Over 86,000 km or 53,000 miles of cycle routes across Europe are now summarised in one map. EuroVelo 1 . Este projecto que se destina a ligar toda a costa algarvia, desde Vila Real de Santo António até ao Cabo de São Vicente em sagres, ainda não está totalmente concluído (Outubro de 2010). Alternatively for those cycle tourists who don’t wish to pay for accommodation I found plenty of opportunities for wild camping and a number of friendly Warmshowers hosts. Eurovelo 1 1 ... Buenas tardes: Busco un mínimo de dos compañeros para realizar parcialmente la Eurovelo 1. Ingleborough, 2017: The Three Peaks Of Yorkshire: 3. There are seemingly endless miles of dunes behind which sit vast forests which Eurovelo 1 passes through. The route officially passes through Nantes which is a very cycle friendly city and there is a cycle path which links it to Bordeaux in the Gironde. EUROVELO 1 WINE AND WORLD HERITAGE We propose that you carry out the Wine and World Heritage itinerary through Eurovelo 1, a proposal that we offer the traveler to combine the fascinating World of Wine with a total of 6 Certified Wine Routes in the itinerary, with knowledge of the 8 Goods World Heritage and … Eurovelo 1 Read More » Después de recorrer Irlanda, cruza hacia Gales y, a … El itinerario de la EV1 en Castilla y León ha sido elegido en función a otros itinerarios cicloturistas ya existentes: Camino de Santiago Francés, Canal de Castilla, Ruta del Duero y Vía de la Plata, lo que añade un gran valor histórico y cultural a la ruta. He spoke to The Cycling Europe Podcast about cycling, filmmaking, […], An upcoming episode of The Cycling Europe Podcast will tell the full story of my cycling trip around the four capitals of the United Kingdom during the Coronavirus summer of 2020. Get on your bike and experience the wild beauty of a cycle route covering more than 1,200 kilometres from Roscoff, Brittany, down the Atlantic coast in Hendaye to the border with Spain. EV3. Find more information about the Eurovelo 1 on the dedicated CyclingEurope.org page. Ecovia do Litoral (ALGARVE) de Mountain Bike en Vila Real de Santo António, Faro (Portugal). La señalización comienza en Redecilla del Camino hasta Frómista siguendo el Camino de Santiago Francés. I rode through the countryside of northern France to Nantes and from there to the town of Brem-sur-mer on the Atlantic coast. It includes precise maps and detailed route descriptions on a scale of 1:75.000, numerous references to the cultural and tourist attractions and an extensive accommodation and services directory. Descarga el track GPS y sigue el recorrido del itinerario del sendero desde un mapa. EuroVelo 1 - Rota da Costa Atlântica Frekhaug, Hordaland Fylke, Norway 6130 km unknown unknown P&P in the UK, NEW: 15 Top Tips For Long-Distance Cycling, Signed copies of the ‘…on a Bike Called Reggie’ books, 2017: The Three Peaks Of Yorkshire: 1. Eurovelo 1 in France starts in Roscoff in the north and then heads across Brittany to the coast just north of where I had met it. So if you are thinking about spending a few weeks cycle touring for the first time or are maybe thinking of taking a bicycle tour with children I think Eurovelo 1 could be for you. La ruta Eurovelo 1, denominada «Ruta de la Costa Atlántica» es una ruta cicloturista que en el futuro recorrerá más de 9.000 km uniendo los fiordos noruegos hasta el sur de Portugal. EuroVelo 1 in Spain follows the two ancient routes of the "Camino de Santiago" and the "Ruta Vía de la Plata". Nov 12, 2020. The people I met were fantastic. He had quit his job working in the A&E department at St. Thomas' Hospital in London and was to spend the next 6 years cycling nearly 90,000 km, visiting 75 countries in the process. Italian only. For those who eat fish being by the coast the area is well known for oysters, cockles, mussels and other ‘fruit de mer’. ORGANIZACIÓN. Estava preparat les rutes per anar a la setmana Federal de Cycloturisme a Nantes quan m'he trobat aquesta sensacional sorprès que es la part francesa del EV 1 anomenada Vélodyssée. Una comunidad de cicloturismo y viajes en bicicleta, Última respuesta de XaGoPa hace 4 años →, Eurovelo 1. Lideran. Blog; INICIO > Compañeros de viaje. The scenery – The Atlantic coast is beautiful. Publicado hace 4 años # Here's a short teaser to whet your appetite. De … If you can learn a little bit of the language I think those who I interacted with appreciated my terrible attempts at conversation in their native tongue. Accommodation – The west coast of France is a tourist destination for the entire length of the stretch I followed. I’ve been on short cycle tours before but January of this year saw me leave on my first trip that would stretch into weeks and months. EuroVelo 1 (Summary information and map credit: European Cyclists’ Federation ) “Following Europe’s western border, the Atlantic Coast Route combines such contrasting landscapes as the majestic fjords of Norway, the wild Irish coastline and the sun-kissed beaches of Portugal. Reconocimientos. meer informatie. In addition you could finish your tour in Bayonne or Irun both of which I’m told have good transport links. Even as a vegetarian I found the French produce that I bought top quality as well as sampling local cheeses and wine that were delicious. Descarga el track GPS y sigue el recorrido del itinerario del sendero desde un mapa. Thanks for these helpful tidbits! Xagopa. On a scale of 1:5,000,000, the map now includes the recently-added EuroVelo 19 – Meuse Cycle Route and the extension of EuroVelo 8 – Mediterranean Route in Turkey. The French Velodyssey site is also extremely useful. EuroVelo 1 / Bikeline Guide of La Vélodyssée [Verlagesterbauer] Guide written in German and describing the 1290km of La Vélodyssée, from Brittany to the Basque Country. Planning successful cycle routes: EuroVelo 19 as a best practice example – Part 1. 5. La tecnología detrás de Rodadas. Blog; Seleccionar página. This means that if you are looking for hotels or campsites they exist in abundance. You mention that you did this trip in January; would you recommend this route at that time of year? The route was loose and fluid but the general plan was to get the ferry to Cherbourg in northern France and then ride to the west coast before heading south to Spain. I was told however that the train from Irun that runs along the north coast was fast and cheap so you could use public transport to skip this section. eurovelo 1 Rutas del Vino y Patrimonio Mundial Te proponemos que realices el itinerario Vino y Patrimonio Mundial a través de Eurovelo 1, una propuesta que ofrecemos al viajero para que combine el fascinante Mundo del Vino con un total de 6 Rutas del Vino Certificadas en el itinerario, con el conocimiento de los 8 Bienes Patrimonio Mundial y su pasión por la bicicleta. Descarga el track GPS y sigue el recorrido del itinerario del sendero desde un mapa. EUROVELO 3,1 WINE AND WORLD HERITAGE We propose that you carry out the Wine and World Heritage itinerary through Eurovelo 1, a proposal that we offer the traveler to combine the fascinating World of Wine with a total of 6 Certified Wine Routes in the itinerary, with knowledge of the 8 Goods World Heritage and … Eurovelo 3 y 1 Read More » The cycle route/path – Eurovelo 1 is well signposted once you reach the coast and often consists of cycle paths which are separated from the road. Pero gracias al trabajo de Manuel y Carmen, autores del blog Ecovía del Algarve, tenemos mucha información para continuar nuestro viaje hacia … Ruta EuroVelo 1 - La Velodyssee: Nantes - Burdeos de Cicloturismo en Saint-Joseph, Pays de la Loire (France). You do however sometimes have to be a bit wary of just following the cycle paths though as especially in the Gironde region as you can easily cycle 30 miles and bypass all towns if you just follow the cycle path. Desde el Cabo Norte, la ruta recorre la costa noruega, cruza Aberdeen, atraviesa Escocia y luego cruza Belfast. Como no podía ser de otra manera, pasará por Navarra y nuestro tramo consta de 5 etapas y actualmente están acondicionadas 2 de ellas. EuroVelo 1, la ruta de la costa del Atlántico, forma parte de la red de la Federación Europea de Ciclismo. En Frómista continúa hacia el sur por el Canal de Castilla hasta Valladolid. EuroVelo 3 La ruta cicloturista de la naturaleza y la cultura. Ruta Eurovelo 1 España y Portugal 2017 de Cicloturismo en Behobia, País Vasco (España). Whernside, 2015/16: Hebden Bridge, Calderdale, Yorkshire, 2016: The Haute Route: Chamonix to Zermatt, France / Switzerland, 2006: Tour de Mont Blanc (Sud), France / Italy, The Story Behind Fixation Bicycles, London, The Cycling Europe Podcast: UK Capitals Tour Teaser. @ecoviaalgarve. Coordinan. There is however a very good network of cycle paths in this area that branch from or cross Eurovelo 1 enabling you to explore or vary the route.

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